Blue Bloods: gang member raid storyboard

Storyboard for Blue Bloods episode “This Way Out”.

  • Role Storyboard Artist
  • For Eye Productions/CBS
  • Type TV Show Storyboards

Police cars pull up to the streets surrounding the projects.

Marked and unmarked police cars arrive and wait for the signal to begin the raid.

Emergency Service Units arrive. Fully outfitted cops move into position.

Cops in full gear fan out throughout the projects.

Building resident lets cops into building. They hurry to positions through lobby.

Cops in full gear get into position. Gang member tries to escape down stairs.

Cops pursue Orlando, a gang member and trap him.

Cops hold gang member in their sites while others enter designated apartments.

Battering rams smash through hard metal doors and multiple locks.

Cops smash through doors. Donny and Baez wait for battering ram to ram.

Battering ram smashes down gang leader's door. Donny & Baez enter.

Donny rushes through apartment and surprises Santana in bed and holds him.

Donny captures Santana and escorts him out of building along with gang members.